JAN 01, 2010

Welcome to the updated version of Ant Genera of the World. The site has a new look for the year 2010. Maps will continue to get updated as we receive new and revised genus records.

DEC 12, 2009

Here is a summary of the new modifications realized on the maps (and so in the database): A total of 86 new records (green), 9 interpolations (blue), 2 exotic presence (orange) and one removal have been included. Most of the new records are scattered around the globe, and for their majority turned out to be confirmation of our interpolations (blue on the maps).

Two regions in particular have been improved. The first one is Acre in Brazil (+32 new records; + 1 exotic) which has been covered those past years by Dr. Marco Antonio de Oliveira during his PhD. The second main addition is for Pennsylvania (USA) which curiously despite his big size and large human population did not seemed to have been covered by myrmecologists pretty well in the past. Antweb now offers a list of ants for this state compiled by W. Barkley Butler (+7 new generic records).

A revision of the oriental Anillomyrma in the online earlier of Myrmecological News by Katsuyuki Eguchi, Tuan Viet Bui, David M. General, and Gary D. Alpert provides a new record for the Philippines, and the removal of this genus from Madagascar. Some incertitudes about the potential presence of this genus in Africa remains with a potential record from Tanzania by Dr. Hamish Robertson. However the authors could not have confirmation from Dr. Robertson (and neither do I). If anyone has some information about it, please let me know.

Finally, an interesting new record of the Neotropical genus Gracilidris has been brought to me by Alex Wild (see his excellent blog Myrmecos). A new record is available on Antweb for Colombia. This record represents the western and northern record for the genus and is disjunct with the rest of the range distribution which could be qualified as east-central South America.

I also want to thank Dr. Martin Bollazzi for some of the new records he provides me for Uruguay. If some of you, dear readers has new data, as always, do not hesitate to contact me. Everybody will benefit from new additions and accurate maps.