These maps could not be possible without the patient efforts of myrmecologists who have collected, curated and identified millions of ant specimen. The generosity toward this project has been so consistent and great that we have undoubtedly forgotten someone. Thanks too then to those we have missed and then also to the systematists and collectors who did the work on which these maps are based.

Folks who helped included… Dr. Leeanne Alonso, Dr. Gary Alpert, Dr. Inge Ambretch, Frank Azorsa, Abel Bernadou, Dr. Roberto Brandao, Dr. Fabiana Cuezzo, Shawn Dash, Stephane De Greef, Flavia Esteves, Rodrigo Feitosa, Dr. John Fellowes, Dr. Fernando Fernandez, Dr. Brian Fisher, Sarah Groc, Nihara Gunawardene, Benoit Jahyny, Dr. Robert Johnson, Dr. Marko Karaman, Dr. John Lattke, Dr. Jack Longino, Joe Mac Gown, Dr. Corrie Moreau, Omid Paknia, Maria Philippi , Dr. Stacy Philpott, Dr. Scott Powell, Dr. Yves Quinet, Christian Rabeling, Edith Rodriguez, Dr. Steve Shattuck, Dr. Andrew Suarez, Dr. Georges Tohme, Dr. Walter Tschinkel, Jordan Wagenknecht, Dr. Phil Ward, Dr. James Wetterer, Dr. Alex Wild.

This work is supported by the US Department of Energy
and a NASA biodiversity grant