Talks and Presentations

A collection of recent online talks and presentations by different folks in the Dunn Group

Exploring the Microbial Unknown

Science Gallery Dublin – July 2015

Join us for a talk by Rob on the large-scale citizen science projects that are generating exciting new insights into our interactions with the species we share our lives and homes with, and how this work might change the way we live in the future.

Night Sessions

Clifftop – 2009

One of a couple of middle of the night jam sessions. Candlelight only, but 5.1 surround sound! The fiddler is MJ Epps, and helping right along are Edwin and Candy. The tune is Cumberland Gap (from the playing of Marion Reese).

The Future of Discovery

TEDxSantaCruz – March 2014

Evolutionary biologist and writer Rob Dunn humorously explores citizen science, big data, and the yet undiscovered world around, and even ON, us.

Home Microbiome

GET Conference – February 2014

Holly Menninger discusses the home microbiome at the 2014 GET Conference.

The Loneliest Ant

Magdalena Sorger – September 2014

Magdalena Sorger describes fascinating aspects of trap-jaw ants’ life histories and how genomic technology is being used by ecologists to better understand threatened populations.

Ant collection with Winkler Extractors

Benoit Guenard – September 2014

Benoit Guenard gives a quick demonstration on the collection of arthropods from the leaf litter with Winkler extractors.

Ant Battles Offer Insights to Gene Expression

Clint Penick – June 2014

Clint Penick explains how a particular species of ant undergoes extreme physical changes during tournament-style battles to become the leader of a colony and that hormonal changes in the brain trigger a physical transformation in the Indian jumping ant’s body, turning it into a dominant fighting machine.

Ants and Careers

Breaking Bio: Episode 52 – December 2013

Magdalena Sorger on cool trapjaw ants, unusual career paths in academia, and getting into field work when you’re not prepared for it.

Scaling up Research on Tiny Pest

Emily Meineke – February 2012

Emily Meineke investigates whether climate change will make a big nuisance of a tiny pest.

The Wild Life of Our Bodies

Wistar Authors Series – November 2011

Biologist Rob Dunn reveals the crucial influence that other species have upon our health, our well-being, and our world in The Wild Life of Our Bodies, a fascinating tour through the hidden truths of nature and codependence.

Conserving Creatures Great and Small

Nyeema Harris – October 2010

Nyeema Harris talks about studying patterns of carnivore diversity across North America, trying, she says, “to figure out where there are more species and less species and their corresponding parasites.”

Life After Darwin: Are There Still Big Discoveries to be Made in Biology?

NESCent Evolution Speaker Series – March 2009

Rob Dunn’s presentation at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.