The Global Sourdough Project:

Publication Figures

We weren’t able to include all of the information we wanted in our published images. Perhaps the most important piece of information we had to leave out: references to individual sourdough sample numbers. We want to make sure that those of you who sent us a sample of your starter have can compare you sample to other samples we received. To understand how your starters microbiome is reflected in our broader findings we have created a set of figures that match the figures in the publication, but that include sample ID numbers whenever possible.


Landis, E.A., A.M. Oliverio, McKenney, E.A., Nichols, L.M., Kfoury, N., Biango-Daniels, M., Shell, L.K., Madden, A.A., Shapiro, L.R., Sakunala, S.K., Drake, K., Robbat, A., Booker, M., Dunn, R.R., Fierer, N., Wolfe, B.E. 2021. The diversity and function of sourdough starter microbiomes. eLife  (Open Access)

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Figure 2