So what’s the difference?

Diestrammena asynamora

Diestrammena asynamora (introduced)

  1. Smooth – Unlike the spiney native, the Asian cricket has hind tibiae that are missing those long spines (click image to get a closer view).
  2. Stripey – The Asian Diestrammena has a distinct banded pattern, particularly on its legs.
  3. Skinny – The non-native cricket is comparatively leaner, more slender, and somewhat smaller in size than Ceuthophilus.

Ceuthophilus (native)

  1. Spiney – Examine the figures above – You’ll see that the native Ceuthophilus species has large, movable spines on its hind tibiae, quite noticeable to the naked eye (click image to get a closer view).
  2. Mottled – The native Ceuthophilus appears more mottled in color.
  3. MeatyCeuthophilus generally appears more solid, thick bodied, and meatier than the smaller non-native.

Want to know more?

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