Sarah Council

Post-doc | Genomics and Microbiology Lab at the Nature Research Center and NC Central University

Sarah is a microbiologist who studies human related microbes. Her current research interests include studying the composition and diversity of the skin microbiome and investigating the chemical interactions among skin isolates. In the past she studied the pathogenesis of oral and lung flora in the context of cystic fibrosis lung infection. Sarah gets her energy from engaging the public in scientific discussion and teaching students from kindergarten to undergrad about the wonders of their own bacteria!

On the Web

Twitter: @SarahCouncil


Recent Publications

Selected Publications

Council, SE, Hatch, J, Muhlebach, MS, Tunney, M, Boucher, RC, Wolfgang, MC. In preparation. Prevotella melaninogenica, an oral anaerobe, in chronic cystic fibrosis lung disease. Journal of Clinical Microbiology.