Neil McCoy

Science Communication & Design | Dunn Lab

I want to share science in creative ways all over the web.

Neil McCoy worked as a web designer for the Department of Applied Ecology at NC State University, where he collaborated with scientists and educators to communicate science in creative and engaging ways to broad audiences. He helped bring Your Wild Life to the masses by designing websites, iBooks and print materials.

On the Web

Twitter: @neilmccoy

Recent Publications

Diamond SE, Nichols LM, McCoy N, Hirsch C**, Pelini SL, Dunn RR (2012) A physiological trait-based approach to predicting the responses of species to experimental climate warming. Ecology 93: 2305-2312. View PDF.

Pelini, S. L., Boudreau, M., McCoy, N., Ellison, A. M., Gotelli, N. J., Sanders, N. J., Dunn, R. R. 2011. Effects of short-term warming on low and high latitude forest ant communities. Ecosphere 2: art62.

Additional Publications

Lubertazzi D, Lubertazzi MAA, McCoy NL, Gove AD, Majer JD & Dunn RR (2010) The ecology of a keystone seed disperser, the ant Rhytidoponera violacea. Journal of Insect Science 10: 158.

McCoy NL (2009) The geographical mosaic of myrmecochory in a global biodiversity hotspot and the fate of myrmecochorous seeds dispersed by a keystone seed disperser. Master of science thesis, North Carolina State University, USA.

C. Whitlock, M.M. Bianchi, P.J. Bartlein, V. Markgraf, J. Marlon, M. Walsh, N. McCoy (2006). Postglacial vegetation, climate, and fire history along the east side of the Andes (lat 41–42.5 S), Argentina. Quaternary Research 66 (2), 187-201.

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