Lea Shell

Curator of Digital Media | Dunn Lab

I am dedicated to figuring out new ways to get educators and students excited about insects, bacteria and asking questions.

I am a research assistant in the Dunn Lab at NC State University. My background is in both education and entomology and I am happy to have found a home on the Your Wild Life team where I can promote our outreach projects in classrooms around the world. My Masters work involved developing interdisciplinary curriculum for integrating insects into the typical classroom. One of my goals is to communicate to others my dedication for both education and entomology through writing, photography, videography or art.

On the Web

Email: LeonoraShell@gmail.com
Website: studentsdiscover.org
Twitter: @VeganBugLady

Recent Publications

Ryan SF, Adamson NL, Aktipis A, Andersen LK, Austin R, Barnes L, Beasley MR, Bedell KD, Briggs S, Chapman B, Cooper CB, Corn JO, Creamer NGDelborne JA Domenico P Driscoll EGoodwin JHjarding A, Hulbert JMIsard SJust MGKar Gupta KLópez-Uribe MMO’Sullivan JLandis EA Madden AAMcKenney EANichols LMReading BJRussell SSengupta NShapiro LRShell LKSheard JK, Shoemaker DDSorger DMStarling CThakur SVatsavai RRWeinstein MWinfrey PDunn RR. (2018) The role of citizen science in addressing grand challenges in food and agriculture research. Proc. R. Soc. B. 285(1891):20181977. http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/285/1891/20181977

Lucky, A., Savage, A.M. (co-first author), Nichols, L.M., Castracani, C., Shell, L., Grasso, D.A., Mori, A. and Dunn R.R. (2014). Ecologists, educators and writers collaborate with the public to assess backyard diversity in The School of Ants Project. Ecosphere 5(7). View PDF.