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Julie Sheard

PhD Student | Dunn Lab and CMEC, University of Copenhagen

I study ants in extreme environments and engage children in scientific discoveries.

What drives my research is a desire to understand species distributions and engage the public in scientific research. My main fields are biogeography, invasion biology and citizen science. For my PhD and in collaboration with Danish schools, I will be hunting ants across Denmark in order to answer questions about their distribution, community assembly and resource use. These findings will furthermore be compared to findings from similar international studies to elucidate any patterns in what drives and limits ant distributions across the world. For more information on the ant hunt, visit http://myrejagten.dk. Also, I will be looking into optimal methods for citizen science with children and how we might strengthen the link between schools and current science in the future. This project, along with other citizen science projects in Denmark and Europe, is carried out in collaboration with the Dunn Lab.