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Extension Ideas

What else can we do?

Field Guide

Idea: use this activity as a launch for a school-based field guide — inside and out. Students could add to a shared school or classroom field guide website, or show their collected data/evidence and reflection in their digital portfolios.


Idea: Students can create a giant classroom with hiding places, create a hide and seek game within Minecraft Education Edition – utilizing the camera and portfolio feature. Also explore Biomes, adding the “indoor” Biome.


Idea: Students can use the photos that they uploaded, and create a story involving the insect as a character. Students might use platforms like Book Creator or Storybird — how did the insect get in the classroom? How was it surviving?

Program Your Insect!

Idea: Students use Scratch or Spheros to program their insect to find water, shelter and food. Use Makey Makey and Scratch to create interactive, informative posters or models (view an example).

This material was prepared by Gregory Eyman, K-5 STEM, Brentwood Magnet Elementary School of Engineering.

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