Rob Dunn’s lab in Applied Ecology is delighted to partner with NC State Dining and the NC State Agroecology Education Farm to present INCREDIBLE SCIENCE, a series of tasting events designed to link the science and flavor of local foods.

Our first event, the INCREDIBLE SCIENCE of Wild Bread, will highlight the ecology of sourdough. Fountain’s own sous chef, Stephen Dinwiddie, will serve up fresh loaves baked from two local sourdough starters, for students to taste and compare to typical commericial bread. While they taste, students can learn more about the microbes that make sourdough so unique at our hands-on Exploration Stations.

Stay tuned for future INCREDIBLE SCIENCE events!

Wild Bread

An evening of sourdough tasting and bread science

March 14
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Fountain Dining Hall

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