Martha:  Absolutely. In the scientific literature, sourdough has been studied in various bread-like products, like Ethiopean injera, lavash (western Asian origin), and pizza (Zolfaghari et al., 2016; Gaglio et al., 2018; Fischer et al., 2014). But, there are hundreds of recipes out there for sourdough “anything.” Sourdough pancakes, sourdough waffles, sourdough granola bars, sourdough donuts, sourdough brownies, sourdough muffins, sourdough biscuits, sourdough bagels, etc. Oftentimes a little bit of sourdough is even used to make laminated pastries, like croissants! When you use sourdough and let whatever you are making sit for a while before cooking it, you use sourdough as a leavening agent. But, if you put a scoop of sourdough into banana bread (for example) and then immediately bake it, sourdough acts as more of a flavor-enhancer.