AAM: In our world of the internet of things we have an unprecedented capacity to measure  our own activity, be it heart rates, sleep rhythms, or hormone cycles. One could very well imagine a future where we co-opt this technology and sensor systems to help your bread communicate with you. To give it the ability to tell you when it needs to be fed, how acidic it is, and whether it is ready to be used for baking. But, as a society, we are not there yet, and like all technology advances these would present both opportunities and challenges. In the absence of having “smart bread,” we look forward to working with you all to find improved ways of measuring aspects of your sourdough starter and bread and in turn, measuring the activity of the microorganisms inside of them. For now, we remain excited that the current methods for making a starter and measuring sourdough activity require a tiny bit of flour, some water, a few spoons and jars, and one of the most sensitive pieces of equipment on earth for detecting aromas: your nose. 

LMN: Make sure to check out Anne’s mini-seminar scheduled for June 11th: Baking Yeasts of the Future: Where to Discover Them and What They Can Offer