AAM: We have a number of research projects underway. Some of the findings are published, some are available in a preliminary form, and some are still being investigated. Stay connected with our social media sites and newsletters to hear more as we continue to share our findings. In the interim, we suggest reading our research paper on the connections between bakers’ hands, ingredients, microbial communities, and flavors of bread in this paper: https://msphere.asm.org/content/5/1/e00950-19.abstract or visit our interactive website to view the species of yeast and lactic acid bacteria we found in individual sourdough starters across the globe: http://robdunnlab.com/projects/sourdough/map/. Want to get to know these microbes beyond their names? Visit the website of one of our team members and meet these beautiful yeasts: http://microbialfoods.org/yeast-profiles/.