Calling Design + Biology + Textile Students

Does form follow function in the world of ants?

The Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab & NCSU Biology and Applied Ecology Labs are looking for students to work on an interdisciplinary research biology + art project on the surfaces of ants, the hunt for new antibiotics, and the creation of bio-inspired art & fashion.

Design, biology, and art students will:

  • Work in a research lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, downtown Raleigh
  • Characterize & illustrate surfaces of a diversity of ants
  • Design experiments testing the function of these surfaces
  • Create public displays of findings and process at the Museum and NCSU Hunt library
  • Communicate research results and process through public art + applied design

Interested students send a short resume to:

Adrian Smith, Head of Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Lab, NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Rob Dunn, Professor Applied Ecology, NC State