Art-Science Collaborations

Art, again and again, through history has spurred and sped the process of science. It challenges what we know and see, as well as our sense of what might be possible. Yet, the opportunities for artists and scientists to work together, or even just side by side, are few. To spur such possibilities we have begun to create opportunities in our lab for artists and scientists to work together, at the same bench, exploring truths together. Read more in the SciArt Initiative.

Current and Past Collaborations:

Jude Casseday

Artist Collaborator

String of Yeasts
Sonification and Life Forms

Photo: Lauren Nichols

Raeleen Kao

Artist in Residence, Winter 2018

Image by @raeleenkao

Gabriella Duggan

Artist in Residence

Architectural Intersections, 2017

Photo: Raymond Goodman

Miella Green

Artist in Residence

A Thousand Galaxies, 2016

Miella Green came to our lab to do art that poses questions about what life is, could be, and can be. She worked alongside scientists studying the lives of ants, the biodiversity of belly buttons, and the wings of cicadas. Image from

Meredith West

Artist in Residence

Images by Adrian Smith (left) and Meredith West (center and right)