Photos courtesy of the Agroecology Education Farm

Undergraduate Job: Agroecology Education Farm Assistant

Location: Agroecology Education Farm (NCSU) and Department of Applied Ecology (David Clark Labs)

The Agroecology Education Farm (AEF) is a 6 acre teaching farm near NC State main campus in Raleigh, NC that functions as a satellite facility of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS). We are dedicated to providing a variety of experiential learning opportunities in agroecology, sustainable and organic agriculture to various students and the surrounding urban community. Currently there is about an acre and a half in production primarily for horticultural crops (fruits and vegetables) and working in collaboration with the University Dining and chefs, everything that is produced goes to the NC State dining halls with the goal of extending the education back to the plate thereby engaging a greater number of students. While the farm is producing year round in the field and hoop house production, we collaborate with various NC State faculty, dining chefs and surrounding community partners to provide various educational experiences from seed to plate with diverse individuals. Our focus is on the balance of education and vegetable production while developing curriculum and workshops for the farm.

The Dunn Lab is a research group in the Applied Ecology Department made of up scientists and science communicators. The lab group studies the species around us in our everyday lives, species we tend to think of us as already well known. Most of those species are not well known and so there are many things to discover in your backyard, in your bedroom, or even on your roommate.

Job Description

The farm assistant’s time will be split between the farm and a student engagement project. The position is for the Fall term of 2018, with possibility of extension through Spring 2019.

The farm assistant will work with the farm manager on a variety of daily farm tasks. This can include; planting, harvesting, seeding, weeding, working with machinery, mowing, and lots of other small tasks. The job also includes working with people in different settings. We host tours, classes, and volunteers regularly. The assistant will be required to work with groups and other employees.

In addition, the farm assistant will work on an independent project to engage students and the university community in the farm-to-table pipeline. This project will be self-directed and can take the shape of a social-media campaign, film or photo documentary project, blog, or other form, based on farm assistant’s interests. The intent of the project will be to highlight the pathway of food in the university dining system from seed to dining plate.

Salary: $10/hr

Job Requirements

While previous farming experience is not required, it’s important that the assistant have a genuine interest and enthusiasm to learn about a holistic sustainable agriculture and small-scale production system, as well as an interest in education activities. Must also be a clear communicator, have a good attitude, able to work with diverse individuals, work independently when needed, able to perform farm work outside under various/ adverse environmental conditions (cold, heat, humidity, rain, pollen), and be able to lift 50 #. Must be enrolled as a student at NCSU.


To apply, email with a brief description of your interest in the position, how this position would impact your academic career, and any relevant experience.