What we do

We are a group of scholars from diverse disciplines who work to make new discoveries about daily life, while engaging as many people as possible in the process of discovery. The Public Science Lab is not so much a single lab as it is a window into the collaborations between a vast network of scholars across many disciplines and institutions. 

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Capture wild microbes and turn them into bread – for science! Wild Sourdough is our newest Science of Sourdough project.

We’re rounding up participants to help us learn how geography and different flours affect microbial growth over time, and how those microbes affect the taste and texture of bread! Join our project and we’ll get you rolling with your own wild starter, and then follow along as we share new recipes and project results.

Wild Sourdough


Mini-seminars about the applied ecology, evolution, history and culture of cultured foods.

Learn more about the fermentology series and register to attend future virtual talks!

Check out the archive of past fermentology talks on the Department of Applied Ecology YouTube channel!

coming up next

  • January 28th: Novel Misos

  • February 11th: Tasting the History of Wine and Cheese

  • February 25th: Ukrainian Fermentation: Traditional Practices and Modern Uses with Olia Hercules!



Join our iNaturalist project Never Home Alone and help us document the life in our homes by submitting your photos. Our updated goal is 20,000 observations!

Teachers, check out a new set of lessons and activities prepared by Gregory Eyman. Students from Kindergarten through 5th can become citizen scientists in Never Home Alone: Classroom Edition!